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Where are my sweets now

Here we have listed information about sweets we can no longer find.

Riley's Chocolate Toffee Rolls

Riley's Toffees

Halifax confectionery manufacturer.Riley Brothers (Halifax) Limited, founded by Fred Riley and his brother J. H. Riley in 1907. The company was famous for its Toffee Rolls which came in 7 flavours: original creamy, fig, date, liquorice, golden cream, rum & butter, and mint & butter.

The works were originally in the family home until the factory moved to the Kingston Toffee Mills in Hopwood Lane in 1911. The mill was famous for its 120 ft high chimney with the company's name picked out in glazed white bricks, each letter being almost 7 ft tall
When J. H. Riley died in 1953, the company was bought by Nuttall's.
It was subsequently bought by the Guinness Group and then by Callard & Bowser, and in 1988 by United Biscuits / McVities and then by Kraft
2011 - Great News Freya Sykes, the granddaughter of Ella Riley, set up Ella Riley Ltd a year ago, and acquired the rights to Riley's Toffee Rolls for a modest amount, after Kraft made it clear it had no further interest in the product. Ella is the one responsible for writing down the original recipe, Ella Riley Ltd are in the process of setting up a factory for the production of the Toffees.
As a starter these are hand made in a small workshop we are pleased to tell you that you can now buy them

Callard & Bowser

Callard and Bowser - Suchard was sold by Beatrice Foods to Terry's of York in 1982 , which was then acquired by Kraft General Foods International in 1993. Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company ("Wrigley's") of Chicago agreed to buy the C&B and LifeSavers units from Kraft in November 2004 for USD$1.48 billion after beating out competitors Hershey, Mars, Nestle and Cadbury. The purchase was completed in June, 2005.

Callard and Bowser and Nuttalls products are sadly no longer made. Maybe the new owners will revive them one day, who knows.
One good thing about it is that we can still purchase Terrys York Fruits still as good too
The only item that we can find made by Callard and Bowser are these Altoids Peppermints

Sweet Cigarettes

Since the 1930s, Sweet Cigarettes had been popular with children. But attitudes to smoking were changing, and by the end of the 1970s, sweet cigarettes became 'candy sticks' and the red tip disappeared. Though it is still possible to buy the chocolate ones in packs such as 'Krakto','Old Toad' etc UPDATE July 2008. These have now surcummed to the anti-smoking brigade and we are told they no longer make them though we have something very similar called Chocolate Sticks. 2011 Update.- These are also being discontinued

Wilko Mints

Sadly lovers of these sweets are aparently in a minority. Or so the manufacturers tell us and they were discontinued in late 2006.The nearest thing we have found to this product is School Chalks. Made in Holland, these are softer and easier to crunch. 2012 Update. They were are back briefly! in 2011 made by Tangerine under the Taveners brand but there was not enough demand so once again they have disappeared

McCowans Ltd

Around the beginning of the 1900s, Andrew McCowan realized that he could earn a little extra cash by selling sweets into local shops. By the start of the First World War he had started manufacturing his own Tablet and eventually made Rock, Snowballs, Lollypops and Macaroon. During the late 1920s McCowan struck upon the idea of small toffee chews, and McCowan’s world famous Highland Toffee was born. During the early 1980s the company introduced the iconic WHAM chew bar which, over the last 25 years, has become a firm favourite with children and adults alike. The company has now been aquired by -

John Millar & Sons

The company history can be traced back as far as 1844, when Millars original founder John Millar started his business as a baker in Leith, subsequently expanding to sell sweets that were made in the back shop. From these humble beginnings the business flourished, and over the next 160 years the Millar name has become synonymous with quality confectionery. Millars became widely known for its Pan Drops, Chocolate Eclairs, Chocolate Limes, Blackcurrant & Liquorice and other types of panned or boiled confectionery. They now trade under the name of Millar McCowan Update 2011 this company is no longer trading. 2012 the company has been taken over and once again we have the Wham Bar and the Highland Toffee Bar.
By Tangerine Confectionery, the largest UK-owned sugar confectionery and popcorn manufacturer, has acquired the iconic Wham and Highland Toffee brands from Millar McCowan, which recently entered administration

New Berry Fruits

Some good news!!! Meltis have refinanced sorted out the production problems and their famous product will be trialed in early June 2007. UPDATE!! In June 2007 they re-financed and sorted the problem with the liquid center, UPDATE. December 2013. Hosta Meltis have now stopped making these reason given - they are too labour intensive for the return made, shame as I am sure people would have gladly paid more. But that seems to be the way of the world at the moment, everyone wants more for less expense. We sold the last box today 10th December. Will be sadly missed. GOOD NEWS May 2014. We are told there will be another production of these available sometime August/September 2014 keep watch here


2007 Some more good news!!! Remember the bar of Pink and White Nougat and the Tutti Fruity one? Well this family firm has been sold to Stockleys.and we now have these for sale once more. Update Summer 2010 we are no longer able to find supplies of this product. Keep hoping!!

Cadbury's Wispa Bar

First appeared in 1981. It was discontinued in 1983, though they did Double Bubble bar which seemed to be very similar, this also disappeared in 2006. Yes it was re-launched in 2007 under it's old 80's name. This was a limited edition only. The good news we are told it is coming back again sometime in October 2008, Then in September 2009 they brought out a Limited Edition of one with a layer of caramel in .


People always ask why Spangles were dropped. Basically it's just that they weren't selling.and the reason why Mars, who made them, currently has no plans to reintroduce them

Sherbet Fountains

May 2009. You had better hurry up and buy this favourite as the new owners of this company are changing the container to a plastic one with a re-sealable lid. No longer will we be able to suck it through a hollow liquorice stick until it gets wet and solid, then tear the paper container to get at the rest. As it's solid plastic how are we going to get the rest out of this container? Someone didn't think that out did they? 2011 update. The youngsters of today have found a way -- They fill the container to the top with water, put the lid back on and then holding it in place, give the container a good shake. old it away from themselves and other people and let the lid go. - Poof whoosh, the lid flys off followed by the contents. They think it's extremely good fun ??? Me I laugh and think what a waste - of good sweets and money - but then I'm only the old lady

Brand Names now.

We have started another page Here with updated information on who owns which product now. It is just a start and will be updated as we find out more information.

Thanks for your time and custom.

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